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Is leaving her gym, the gym manager comes behind her and insults her by asking her to pay her membership dues.

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Jynx Maze and Eric Jover - Full HD 1080p. Jynx Maze and Eric Jover - Full HD 1080p - video, watch, tit

Jynx Maze and Eric Jover - Full HD 1080p (watch, video, tit).
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Kinky Jynx fucked husband slave, watch strapon action. enjoy!

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Phoenix Marie gets her feet and asshole thoroughly tongue-cleaned by submissive bodybuilder Christian in a nasty dungeon date. The mean bitches of ‘FemDom Ass Worship 15′ show no mercy!

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Lance Hart is bound to a bed with his cock locked up in a CB 6000 chastity device. Bailey Paige and her friends have been taking turns teasing him, masturbating in front of him, and doing whatever else they please with him. Today Bailey visits Lance to check on his blue and swollen balls. He immediately begs her to help him but she just giggles and bounds onto the bed with him in her sexy one piece lingerie and heels. “Awe, your just dying for release aren’t you…?” She teases him with her body, asking if it hurts his balls while she laughs. She puts her ass near his face and tells him that if he can touch her pussy with his tongue she will let him go, but inches away from him as he desperately stretches towards her with his tongue out. Then she teases him with her pussy just an inch from his locked up cock. His dick is raging against the chastity device, hurting him more but he is so horny he can’t stop but try to get closer to her pussy. There is a vibrator plugged into the wall, left there for any girl who wants to get herself off in front of chastised Lance. Bailey picks it up and makes herself cum so close to his cock that his chastity cage actually gets a little wet, then she leaves him in agony, still bound to the bed with aching balls. Bailey returns to Lance. Now she is wearing shiny tights, knee high socks, sneakers and pig tails. And a strap-on dildo. She waives Lance’s chastity keys in his face and tells him that he can finally get released today… after she fucks his ass as hard as she wants… She shoves some dirty, frilly panties in his mouth and tells him that they have to stay in his mouth while he gets fucked, or else he won’t be released…

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Release Year: 2017
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Cruel cheerleader captain Kristina Rose needs help practicing her cheer routine, and who better to help than her infatuated wannabe cheer boy. She knows he will do anything she says to get on the squad and his balls will make a perfect target to work on her high kicks. She really enjoys herself as she relentlessly nails his balls with hard kick after hard kick. She strips him naked and continues her cruel kicking target practice. He repeatedly falls to the ground from her painful testicle bludgeoning but she just laughs at him and drags him to his feet for more high kicks. This new practice method really helps her kicking form and sends the boy off to fetch the rest of the squad once she is done abusing his battered nuts!

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Angie returns to Lance after seriously blue balling him with the blow job of his life, and no release… He is dying to cum, and she has him right where she wants him…. She bends him over and tells him that he is going to have to take her strap-on like the slut he is if he is going to be allowed to cum, then goes to town on his ass. Angie really works her strap-on, railing his ass, rubbing her dick against his prostate, keeping him right on the edge of cumming, making him to beg for more. She fucks him long and hard, but takes his hand off his hard cock.

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Mistress Yasmin gets off on overpowering men and turning them into helpless play toys. Her mummified gimp is tightly bound and restrained making sure he is forever oblivious to what torturous games Yasmin has in mind. She knows the best way to teach a gimp a lesson in stamina is by edging his cock over and over again with a high powered vibrator. After he has been deemed worthy of release Mistress Yasmin jerks the gimp until he can’t hold back and shoots a massive load all over his mummified body.

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Lance comes over to Catherine Foxx’s house expecting dinner to be ready. She comes into the living room in a sexy bunny outfit with fishnets and a red strap-on. “This is what’s for dinner…” she says. She pulls off his belt, spanks him with it, and bends him over. Catherine makes a total ass slut out of Lance, who is reluctant at first, but she fucks him so good and deep he starts begging for more. She makes him ride her strap-on, puts her bunny ears on him to humiliate him and keeps pounding his ass until he cums all over her bunny costume.

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Mistress Tangent continues her slaves training with some heavy anal. First she instructs the girls to fuck one another with a double ended dildo. She watches them scissor fuck each other while warming up their butt-holes for her cock. Tangent jockey style fucks Natalie’s pink little hole completely dominating her. She stacks the girls on top of one other making them cuddle while she gives Cadence a hard pounding. When both girls are thoroughly fucked she puts them on leashes and leads them back to the slave quarters.

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She makes him put the purple strap on on over his little cock and balls. He complains that the metal rivets are going to hurt his balls, and she mocks him, “Well, you should have been born with a bigger dick :)” She get’s on top of him and rides him while she uses a hitachi magic wand on her clit. She loves that it’s crushing his balls, and that he’s getting hard and so close to her pussy but never going to have it. This is the ultimate tease and denial While she’s riding him and getting off she toys with him: “Are your balls getting twisted under the step-in? That’s just what I want, then they won’t work any more… then I can just chop them off and give you the strap on permanently :)” “Is it crushing your balls?” Her perfect tits are bouncing right in front of him and her pussy is so close and she isn’t shy about telling him how good the big dick feels and how she hopes his balls get permanently damaged from this. After she cums she get’s off of him and leaves him in blue ball and bruised ball agony with a smile Catherine Fox returns to take the responsibility of giving the slave his weekly fucking. She bends him over and goes to town on his ass with her big purple strap-on. He’s starting to get used to getting fucked like this, because it’s the only way the ballerina’s fuck him Cat humiliates the slave while she fucks him from behind, talking about how much he’s enjoying this, and how he’s almost ready to have a real cock in his ass “You like this don’t you? :)” She tells him to work his ass and take her cock and he obeys, riding her big dick She switches positions and lays him flat on his belly so she can give him the deep dick. She really knows how to work that purple cock “Next week we’re going to have a strap-on party and invite every girl over so we can all fuck you in the ass, one after the other…. You want that don’t you? :)” She fucks him slow and she fucks him fast. He moans and whimpers and she loves it. When she’s done she teases him, “Don’t forget about the party next week….” and she leaves him on the bed with his ass well fucked.

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