Goddess Valora’s Slut Competition – toes, fingers Mount Jackson .

Goddess Valora's Slut Competition - small, toes, sucking, fingers, waiting
Release Year: 2017
Cast: Goddess Valora
Video language: English

Goddess Valora called over two of her guy friends to have a little chat with them. She knows that they both have a little crush on her, and she doesn’t think they can keep up with her as she likes things kinky and freaky. The boys swear they can hang, and agree to a test to prove they can. Goddess Valora takes the first subby boy, has him dress up in a pale blue dress and sissy strut in front of her. Goddess Valora then him to worship her high heels. She presents her dirty shoes for him to lick and suck on. Goddess Valora wants her subby sissy slut to taste the floor with her tongue before she lets him cum over her high heels. Goddess Valora has her new sissy slut back to suck on her toes. She wants to feel his wet tongue between each of her toes. Goddess Valora’s subby sucks her toes until he gags on her foot, while she laughs at what a whore he is being. Goddess Valora has her sissy lay on the floor with his tongue out while she rubs the bottom of her foot all over his tongue, until he complains like a little bitch that it hurts too much. Goddess Valora wants her subby sissy to stroke his small penis until he cums. Since he spilled his filth on her nice shoes earlier, she needs to train him how to eat his own man gravy. The subby sissy slut is on his knees still in a blue dress and wig using two fingers to jerk off his little itty bitty clitty dick. Goddess Valora is waiting with a spoon to catch his pathetically small fith load, then feeds him like a baby who doesn’t want to eat their vegetables. After he chokes down his small load, Goddess Valora pulls out a bottle of her other “friends” cum that she make feeds him with. Goddess Valora is ready to fuck her sissy subby slut’s ass, when she discovers that he has never had anything in his tight boy-pussy. Goddess Valora tells him to stretch out his virgin fuck hole with a purple butt plug so she can really fuck him later. The sissy slut is bent over the couch with his ass spread, shoving a butt plug up his boy pussy, when his friend comes in wearing a red dress claiming that he is a kinkier slut. Wanting to impress Goddess Valora, they both get on the couch and start filling their slutty man pussies. Goddess Valora is excited to have to subby sissy sluts eager to please her on their knees sucking her huge cock. Goddess Valora grabs their heads and them to gag and choke on her long thick dick. She then bends one of her subby sissy sluts over to start peggig him while the other still stretches out his tight man pussy. Goddess Valora then switches up and slides her hard strap on cock into the other sissy slut’s ass. Goddess Valora fucks his man pussy hard.

Format: mp4
Duration: 30:59
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 6338kbps
Audio: 125kbps

toes sucking (Goddess Valora's Slut Competition)... Goddess Valora's Slut Competition
Goddess Valora's Slut Competition! toes fingers (Goddess Valora's Slut Competition)...

Goddess Valora's Slut Competition - toes, fingers, small, waiting
File size: 1.4 GB

Goddess Valora's Slut Competition - small, toes, waiting, fingers, sucking


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